Help Save “Last Resort” Antibiotics – Urge FDA’s Scott Gottlieb, MD to Ban OTC Uses in Humans and Animals: add your voice to this letter

Despite their toxicity, polymyxins have become some of the most important, life-saving antibiotics in our medical toolkits. Clinicians depend on polymyxins (colistin and polymyxin B) to treat very sick patients in whom no other drugs will work. And yet their overuse is rapidly contributing to the global spread of bacterial resistance to them.

Such important medicines should never be marketed cavalierly. And certainly not without the oversight of a doctor, pharmacist, nurse or veterinarians. We therefore urge the FDA to act to ensure better stewardship of polymyxins by ending over-the-counter use in both human and veterinary settings. If you’re a physician, pharmacist, nurse or veterinarian, add your voice to this letter, urging Scott Gottlieb, MD, the FDA Commissioner, to this very important step.