Making health the future of food and farming. That was Healthy Food Action’s vision when launched eight years ago, and so it remains.

The desperate need for Healthy Food Action has never been clearer. Enormous numbers of Americans, including children, continue to struggle with too many calories, but too little nutrition. Many of our communities remain ones where where the cheapest, most accessible calories are those from junk foods. Meanwhile, the food system that grows, processes and delivers this food is itself unhealthy, and deeply unsustainable. We suffer a worsening toll from resistant “superbugs” on food, and from extreme weather events that are in turn linked to industrial, carbon-intensive modes of food production.

Healthy Food Action acts as a voice for healthful change. For food and farm policies that are healthier and more sustainable. Some of the issues our nurses, psychologists and physicians have engaged on include:

  • Calling on FDA to End the Routine Use of Human Antibiotics in Healthy Livestock
  • Signing onto a Charter for a Healthy Farm Bill
  • Demanding that Added Sugars be identified clearly on food nutrition labels
  • Protecting farmworkers and fenceline communities from toxic pesticides
  • Calling for an end to the use of toxic food dyes (e.g. Red Dye #40) known to disrupt learning and behavior in kids

We know how to provide better diets to our kids. And farmers know how to grow food more sustainably. A stronger advocacy voice can help bring about food and farm policies that ensure these healthier practices become the easier, more commonplace option. Together, we can make Healthy Food Action that voice.